Our services


Our essence is the preservation and growth of our clients’ wealth.


At APW we believe that every client is unique. We strive to deliver the best solutions for our clients while we ensure that their wealth is preserved.


Our priority


At APW we want to establish a long-lasting relationship, founded on trust. Our Relationship Managers must have considerable technical expertise, but their qualities as human beings are just as vital. They must be good listeners, win clients’ trust and deliver best-in-class services.


Tailor-made solution


Our goal is to offer highly personalized solutions for all types of investment mandates, though a careful definition of our clients’ needs and objectives, their investment horizon, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements. We continuously re-define and adjust our clients’ portfolios to make sure that the investment strategy implemented still corresponds with their preferences and personal situation, and adapt it accordingly.


Our Offer


As an independent global asset manager, APW’s services encompass a lot more than just selecting financial investments. Our open architecture approach give to our clients access to the best partners, the most qualified experts and a wide choice of specialists in critical areas such as Investment Products, Custodians, Wealth Planning, Philanthropy or Art Banking.


In particular, our clients can benefit from the special partnership agreements that APW has established with the key players of the Swiss banking system, but not limited to this, as APW offers access to the main Global banking centers, among others Luxemburg or London, allowing a diversification of custodian and jurisdiction to better meet our clients’ need and objectives.


APW is regulated under Uruguayan Laws and observes the same privacy rules as Swiss banks, assuring its client base the confidentiality required to build a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust.